I'm Stephen Campbell

I've always loved golf. I'm not an addict but I watch it on the T.V. and play it when I can. I guess I'm like most people, I've always been time restricted with other priorities such as family, and work, always too busy to play, and then even when I could find the time....  The weather!

Golf always seemed to get pushed to the back of the queue! No surprise when a round of golf with everything takes up nearly a full day.

For many years I didn't play, I still called myself a golfer but never actually played.

Recently I managed to fit in a round or two and loved it, but still the same challenges: Time, Family, The Weather! Then suddenly it dawned on me...



A place you can go, no matter how busy you are. Whether you've got family or work commitments and lots to do and rarely can afford a full day to go to the golf course- but you want to play, relax, with friends and get the satisfaction of hitting the perfect shot.

Well now it's all here, weather is no obstacle, available to you and friends, partners, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. We offer so much, some of the greatest courses in the world, state of the art driving ranges, feedback on your game, tuition, information you can access anywhere, anytime, classes for beginners, advanced support for the experienced. Relax and have a coffee or a cool refreshing drink and watch others play. Come for an hour, from work or after dropping your kids at school, or early in the morning before the day begins, or make an evening of it. Swing your clubs and get back into the sport you love. Golf can now be part of your busy schedule.

We'd love to see you soon at The Pro Shot Golf Club.

Stephen Campbell