Meet John

Hello, my name is John Bean. I started playing golf when I was 20 and instantly fell in love with the game, I have always played sports but golf was unique to me. It is a sport where you get out of it what you put in, natural talent helps yes but a lack of it isn’t going to stop you playing the game really well if you are willing to learn and practice.

I worked as a shop assistant when I started out and had planned to do the PGA Professional Training but unfortunately the club I was working for started to make redundancies and eventually went into liquidation around the time I was due to apply for the course. I needed work so managed to get a job as a bartender in a restaurant chain and roll on 8 years later (not part of the original plan) had progressed all the way up to management, one day I realised that I had lost my way a little (if you can count 8 years as a little) as the intention was just to work as a bartender until I found another club where I could do my training.


So I decided to take a year out with my wife and travel the world a little while putting a plan together that would get me back on the path I had begun when I was 20 and here I am, the new training assistant for The Pro Shot Golf Club, I have always thought that with the weather being so hit and miss in the UK an indoor facility would be perfect to help introduce people to the sport, as well as keeping them practicing and playing throughout the year regardless of weather. I am really looking forward to my journey with The Pro Shot Golf  Club and the team.