Club Fitting


The correct equipment is essential to play better golf. Everyone has a different height, size, hand to foot measurement and swing (arc, path, speed, etc). It is imperative to be personally fitted for your golf equipment for you to get the best from your game and enjoy it more.



Our club fittings are on Trackman4, the worlds best launch monitor as used by Tour players! 

In a custom fit session you will get a whole valuation of your current equipment, you will know what size and spec you should be using and if new and better fitted equipment improves your game. 

Also, if you purchase any equipment from us, you will get a percentage or all of your custom fitting charge back!




PSGC recommends ORKA golf clubs. These are a range of hand crafted premium clubs that you cannot buy off the shelf. Every set is made to order for your personal fit. Orka only use premium shafts in their clubheads and not the brands “own version” shafts, which are much cheaper. In other words, the same shafts used by tour players.



Ball Fitting

Due to the various different constructions of golf balls, getting fitted for the correct type can support and potentially optimise your game. We offer a golf ball fitting service using technical data such as swing speed to determine which is the correct golf ball for you.

We have a fantastic range of Bridgestone Golf balls for all levels of golfer. Come in to the club to get fitted today.




Club Repairs

We also offer a full club repair service. This consists of re-gripping, re-shafting and fixing broken or damaged golf clubs.

We can also check the loft and lie angle of your clubs, to see if they are right for you.




Gap Testing

On our Trackman4 we can give you an average of how far you hit each club. Not only will you know your exact yardage, but you can then see if your clubs are giving you the right gaps between them and if you are getting the most from your equipment.

A gap test session starts from just £30.00