August 14th 2021

Your putting is not that good

Your putting is not that good.

It's a typical answer from many amateurs, ‘my putting is good’, when asked if they know how many putts they make from the 10ft range. Not the most definitive answer because most player don’t really know how good they need to be. To give you an idea of how good you have to be from inside 10ft let have a look at the PGA Tour stats for the 2021 season. The leading player in the stats in Louis Oosthuizen,

1 1 Louis Oosthuizen 69 90.82 839 762

*info available from

Easy to see that Louis has somewhat of a golden touch from inside 10ft, making 90.82% of the attempts of 839 putts this season. That means as a club golfer, you would need to practice making 9 from 10 putts from inside 10ft and consistently do it with each set of 10 balls. To make it a little clear how tight the leaderboard with this particular stat is, the ‘worst’ player, Kevin Stadler, who is ranked 205th averages 83.21%. There are no stats for club golfers, except if you keep a personal record of your rounds, but I doubt it is close to 80%.

So why don’t you make that many putts?

The first place to look is the contact. Are you making regular contact with the sweet spot of the putter? Probably not. Secondly is your putter square at impact? Probably not. The tour average is somewhere at 0.3° - 0.5° open or closed. What that means, is that the tour players have the ability to hit the ball with a square clubface. Once they have that ability on tap, the next is the speed of the greens and the ability to putt on greens that coast at 11 stimp with a gradient between 2° and 5°.

Although the faster the green the ‘harder’ it can be to make putts because of the added use of a wider start line in relation to slower greens where we can be more aggressive and start the ball on a straighter line. Faster greens CAN make it easier.

Putting is a game within the game, and in the past weeks, using the power of the Trackman and its ability to feed data back to a player, I have improved my averages tenfold. Particularly my face angle at impact and creating a better path during the stroke. For a better understanding hit the link and check out the YouTube video I have made using the data.

Pro Shot Golf Club- Trackman for Putting - YouTube