July 01st 2021

You are only as good as your last game

You are only as good as your last game...

You are only as good as your last game. We hear it all the time in the coaching business, the amazing round of golf that you played yesterday just didn’t materialize today. But why?

Expectation. It's not a negative mindset to have expectations, it's the overwhelming pressure that creates a feeling that you should be able to repeat your previous days highs. This pressure is the problem, yesterday's amazing game, should mean you’ve conquered the riddle that is golf.

Tournament golfers, the best players on the planet, have similar problems themselves. If you look through the 4 rounds of the field and head to the middle of the pack, that's where you’ll see players having some of the same problems. Generally speaking the average PGA and LPGA tour player has 3 out of 4 good days in a tournament week, that one ‘bad’ round could be a level par grind compared to their -6 opening round. That goes for the winner too, it's a rare occasion that the winner will have 4 rounds where they run away with the event. The difference, the tour players are not considering how they played the day before, the mindset or mental goal is to play today as if yesterday never happened. Sure a good day yesterday certainly helps to stay positive but it can be a hard task to follow up a personal best or an ugly round. It's important to step onto the first tee with a completely reset mindset, leave yesterday on the 18th green and prepare again for the onslaught.

However, the player that is not playing well will have a lot of questions. This is where the pre shot routine comes in handy, every weekend while watching the golf make a mental note of the routine of the leader and the other players at the top of the leaderboard. No thought goes into yesterday, they might have fond memories of the 6th hole or bad memories of the 10th hole but it's highly likely that during the present round they aren’t making too much effort to worry about it. It's the next shot that counts and they will be preparing and giving themselves the best chance to execute the shot of the moment.

SO next time you have the best round of golf and you have to follow it up the next day, try and find the mindset that you started that round with. You’ll be surprised how little effort you will need to apply that mindset going into the present round.

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