June 22nd 2018

Stacey Bushes, extreme makeover begins

Currently an empty shell, we're sending in a team of professionals to get this retail unit at Stacey Bushes transformed into the state of the art golf complex it will soon become.

The buzz around the park is already mounting, as soon as the planning documents landed with other tenants, the locals have been talking about how exciting this venture is and how it will totally transform this retail park into a vibrant leisure hub, teaming with golfers keen to test out the very latest professional golf simulators.

One passer by commented, "I can't believe Pro Shot Golf Club is coming here! It's such an exciting concept, a real first for Milton Keynes, people will come from miles around to try out this new club, but I'm lucky enough to work on the parks so I'll be one of the first to see it for myself, I can't wait".

This project has been in development for many months, it's now ready to put the wheels in motion around turn this blank canvas into a high tech golfers paradise, giving them access to the very best golf simulators that are only usually available to world class professional golfers.

The team behind Pro Shot Golf Club plan to make this the very best experience for golfers of all levels, providing easy access to the very best golf facilities in a safe and comfortable environment. We look forward to the next few weels and will report back on our progress here for you all to see!