Golf Coaching with Chris Guy

-Benefit from 15 years of tried and tested coaching with international golf instructor Chris Guy.

-Lessons conducted using state of the art Trackman system.

-Understand how and why your body is creating bad positions resulting in poor golf.

-Benefit from detailed practice sessions that allow you to improve through captured data and formulate a change that matters to your body specifics.

Prepare for your rounds with simulated practice settings.

Call us on 01908 314617 and receive a £10 discount off your first hour lesson.




Benefits of Indoor Golf Lessons

Weather will never prevent you from learning certain techniques.

Sophisticated ball flight data and video analysis using Trackman technology.

Precise feedback to address swing issues and how to fix them.

By focussing more on the process rather than the initial outcome during the lesson you are less likely to develop doubt. This will increase your commitment to the process and in turn allow you to create more dynamic swing changes during lessons.

To book a 1 hour lesson simply click here and select 'Tuition' when you pick your time. Alternatively if you are looking for a half hour lesson or one of our lesson packages call us on 01908 314617.