Indoor Golf Lessons with Top PGA Instructors

With our indoor golf lessons, we are proud to be working with our highly experienced Head PGA Professional and Club Manager, Nick Moncur. 

Nick will be offering a selection of indoor golf lessons, tailored around your specific needs, as well as club fitting at our Milton Keynes' club.

Passionate about delivering a quality experience for all visitors to the club, with customer service at the heart of everything he does, Nick has worked for high profile golf clubs throughout Europe, his approach has earned him a highly regarded reputation that is proven by the number of returning clients.

 "My mission is to provide my clients with the highest customer service and value for money.  I pride myself on quality throughout, my coaching and club fitting service delivers improvement and enjoyment.  I want to make sure that every golfer has more fun, with more friends, playing better golf more often.  I don’t just teach, I find the quickest, smartest route to help you improve your golf. It’s about the enjoyment.  Through the correct assessment and the correct fitting I will make sure every golfer’s equipment is their best investment in better golf”, explains Nick.

Nick is a class AA member of the PGA, qualified in golf psychology and actively involved in current PGA activities and seminars, with over 20 years experience with both outdoor and indoor golf lessons; coaching everyone from beginners to tour players.

“My coaching philosophy is…… I TEACH THE PERSON… NOT A METHOD.

 Every golfer is different; I don’t subscribe to dismantling golfer’s swings and starting again. I believe in working with the pupil’s existing swing and enhancing what they have and optimising to improve. Of course there are certain fundamentals that everyone should try to adhere to, but everyone has their own way of hitting a golf ball and in my experience of coaching I have rarely given the same lesson twice." 

 Our indoor golf lessons come with a personal package and practice plan to suit your individual needs.

He uses the latest technology with a TrackMan4 Launch Monitor for you to maximize your distance, club speed, ball speed, launch, spin and smash factor.

A Trackman lesson is different to any lesson you've had before. Nick will coach you a better shot through simple numbers instead of trying to get too technical changing the swing. Results are instant and much easier to understand.

He also uses the Trackman for club fittings to make sure you are playing with the correct equipment and with The Digital Video Coaching System to analyse the swings, also, the indoor golf lessons can be forwarded on by email for you to keep forever. 

With his all round knowledge, he is one of the few Professionals that can help you with the 4 main aspects to improve your golf - swing, equipment, mind and fitness.

His methods are simple and effective and he believes in working with everyone's individual strengths.



State of the art tech

Teaming our professional coaches with our state of the art technology means you'll be able to monitor your progress, capturing information such as shot data, distance, club speed, ball speed, launch, spin and smash factor. Giving you clear guidelines on what you need to work on and how to improve.

Your lesson will be in your own designated studio on our 'state of the art' TruGolf simulator and Trackman4 data and video analysis  

Lessons and clubfitting prices -

- Associate member - £60

- Gold member - £54 (10% discount)

- Platinum member £48 (20% discount)

(All lessons and fittings are one hour sessions)

To book a lesson please call a member of our team on 01908 314617 or CLICK HERE